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What could be more aligned with our nerdy weirdness than a retro arcade bar and restaurant?  We created several fascinating and amazing installations for The Uncommon.  We're pretty sure this will be our new favorite hangout...  Follow us for updates!

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All the Best Bands

A labor of love to create something to be revealed...  Actual sticker collage digitally reworked and enhanced, then printed on metal.  Find all your favorite bands!  

band logos collage.jpg
proton pack jpg.jpg

Retro Schematics

In the arcade men's room, you can enjoy a collection of throwback patents and schematics for some of the best "toys" ever made! 

Media Collage

You know, that shelf that had all the albums, tapes, cassetes, 8 tracks, VHS, DVDs, and CDs? It's about to become obsolete with all the streaming and whatnot, so we created one to preserve the chaos.

Record Player

On the Big Screen

We promise you the most Uncommon things will play for you on our ginormous projection screen.  We have curated some pretty weird stuff, retro themes, movies, music, textures, and good memories of the best decades of this century!

Film Reel

and more...

Look sharp!  The whole team at The Uncommon has put their heart and soul into great details to bring you back! Take a good look around for all the little things that make The Uncommon, so UNCOMMON.

Old TV
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