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We are honored to be the creative team for the historic global destination town of Tortilla Flat since june 2020!


When the new management team came in and invited us to join them on restoring and bringing Tortilla Flat into "today", we were more than thrilled to be part of it.

Our devotion is to breathe new life into this old town, bring new amusing elements, and elevate the guest experience.

Don't miss your copy of the Tortilla Flat Telegraph when you're in town, it's a 12 page newspaper filled with great information, stories, history and silliness we are proud to have created.

Be sure to follow Tortilla Flat on Facebook and Instagram, we also run the social media for the town, and Jeremie creates custom cartoons for the town!

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Projects by Jct42 at Tortilla Flat, with the support of the amazing on-site team!


  • New Mercantile Store Floorplan Design

  • Mercantile Floor Mural

  • Mercantile Logo Sign

  • Mercantile Gold Mine

  • Repainting of all Characters in Restrooms

  • New Country Store Sign

  • Bushong Family Window Display

  • New 12 page Tortilla Flat Telgraph Newspaper

  • Complete Redesign of Schoolhouse Museum

  • Restoration of Superstition Saloon Sign

  • New cast of Characters for the town

  • New Water Tower Design and Paint

  • Mercantile Gold Mine, clearance corner & mural

  • AZ Flag on Patio wall

  • Wood Tortilla Flat Logo on Patio

  • Mural on Exterior Restroom Door

  • Restored and Replaced Toilet Seat Photo Frames

  • Superstition Sillies Sunday Funnies

  • Social Media for Facebook and Instagram

  • New John Wayne for Patio

  • Soundscape in Museum

In Progress!

  • New Tortilla Flat Fun Book

  • Historic Haywagon Park

  • Saguaro Park

  • Superstition Sillies Sunday Funnies

  • Social Media for Facebook and Instagram

  • Hoover Harness and Buggy Co.

  • Fresh Signs in Town

  • Steel Horse Corral Coming Soon!

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