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Andrea and Jeremie King

and we love to SEE YOU THRIVE!


Junction 42 was founded in 2020 when 2 creative hearts, minds and souls converged with a single mission:

"To provide unique and creative solutions for clients who like to think outside of the box so their guests, and staff all have an excellent experience."

The most successful service oriented businesses are centered on the experience, and "feeling" that guests and staff have.

We help you see what your guests see and feel that creates the feeling of "WOW!"

We notice what people do, how they act, and interact with your spaces, and help you create an experience they want to return to over and over.

We also can work with your staff and make sure they are showing up as a positive expression of your brand.


Because it's what we love and care about. We want to have an amazing experience when we go out, don't you?

We meet you where you are to develop customized, unique strategies. We bring decades of experience in design, color, lighting, branding, feng shui, flow, and creative aesthetics to create solutions for your business. We see what your guests see, and help you correct and redirect things before any less than 5 star reviews end up online. If we can't do it, we will bring our team of experts for the best possible outcome.