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Welcome to the amazingly diverse and creative lives of Andrea & Jeremie King


We are a husband and wife team who discovered our balance of creative and linear solutions so we can help other people succeed.
We meet you where you are to develop customized, unique strategies. We bring decades of experience in design, color, lighting, branding, feng shui, flow, illustration, and creative aesthetics to create solutions for your business.
We see what your guests see, and feel what they feel so we can help you correct and redirect things before any less than 5 star reviews end up online. If we can't do it, we will bring our team of experts for the best possible outcome.

about andrea

Andrea started helping people in her family bakery at 14, and spend 9 years there learning how a small business works. She cares for your business like you are her family, and will give her heart to help you succeed.

Andrea's can-do attitude has led her to have an extensive variety of skills, and if she can't do something, she will figure out who can.

Her passions are helping people create spaces for great guest experience, and she loves feng shui, energy and flow as well as color and lighting and environmental creature comforts.  She can see through the surface to what's really going on whether you can or not ;)


about jeremie

Jeremie started drawing at the age of three and never stopped.  He has the ability to draw in numerous styles, with just about any medium.

Jeremie has been helping businesses with branding, illustration, motion graphics, and original design for over 30 years.

He has worked with local small companies as well as large companies, and shows up with decades of experience and problem solving cred!

"Thanks for always coming through, brother. You're a great artist with vision."
Shawn Crahan
(Clown / Slipknot)

"Jeremie's work ethic is impeccable and professional. His art took my book sales to an unprecedented level."

Demond Wilson
(Aka Lamont Sanford / Sanford & Son)

"Jeremie creates impact and yet understands the subtleties that make the work come to life!"

Carrie Ann Inaba
(ABC TV / Dancing With The Stars)​

"Jeremie's prodigy-like talents  consistently delivered results of the highest caliber."

Stacy Crawford
(Art Director / Fisher Design)

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